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Thursday, November 15, 2007


Almost three years ago my mom and I were walking through a neighborhood in the "big city". At the time I was working a crap job, only half way through my education and feeling pretty defeated about life. As we walked past rows of houses my mom questioned ( in a motherly way that cut me to the core) "Houses are so expensive. How are you ever going to afford one?" Choking back tears and anger I replied "I'm not going to be stuck at this job forever; eventually I'll graduate from college and get a better paying job."

Fast forward to a month ago (actually the day after the jerk professor episode in my previous post) I was offered a job that paid 12k more than my mom currently makes. I doubt she remembers our conversation from three years ago but I felt a cold, sick, sense of pride that I was being offered more in an beginning accounting job than she has ever made.

However I turned the job down (for a variety of reasons). I hope and pray I'm making the right decision.

My current employer still wants me to stay "What will it take for you to stay?" was their question last week. It's a great position for me to be in and I'm extremely thankful. But how do I tell them tactfully "a lot more than you can offer"

School is out in three weeks. Boy did I have my doubts that I'd ever make it this far.


Blogger Robin said...

Three weeks! Woohoo!!! We've come so far...

Good luck with your job search. I'm sure you'll make the right choice.

4:30 PM, November 16, 2007  

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